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Fantasy League 2007-8 Rules and Points System

You have £50 Million to spend on a team consisting of 1 Goalkeeper, 4 Defenders, 3 Midfielders and 3 Strikers.

You can only pick 1 player from any one Premiership team. (You will have eleven players from different teams)

Your team scores points as follows…. 


Clean Sheet

Goal Scored

Own Goal Scored

Yellow Card

Red Card *


Goalkeeper +5 Points +30 Points -7 Points -3 Points -8 Points
Defender +5 Points +10 Points -7 Points -3 Points -8 Points
Midfielder N/A +7 Points -10 Points -3 Points -8 Points
Forward N/A +5 Points -10 Points -3 Points -8 Points


·     Any player who scores a brace (2 goals) in a match gets a 5 point bonus.

·     Any player who scores a hat trick or more will get 4 points bonus for each goal scored. So if a forward scores a hat trick he will get 15 points for the three goals and a further 12 points for 3 x 4 point bonus.

·     Defenders and Goalkeepers will lose 2 points for each goal conceded if the team they are playing for loses. E.g. if you have Gary Neville and Man Utd lose 1-2 then he will lose 4 points but if the result was  3-2 to Man Utd then he would not lose any as he was on the winning side.

 If the match ends in a draw, then no players will lose points 

*    If sent off for second bookable offence only the red card applies. 


The amount of entries will determine the prize fund in the league with a monthly prize for the manager who makes the best progress that month.

Fantasy League Cup 

All the players you choose for the main league will also gain points in the Fantasy League Cup. This will be shown in a separate league and any points gained in cup matches will not count towards the main league. So if you’re not doing so well in the League you still have a chance in the Cup competition.  Points from the FA Cup, League Cup, UEFA Cup* and the Champions league* will count in this league.

* Not qualifying stages

The entry fee is £5 per team and anyone can enter (Friends, Family, Pets etc etc) You can enter as many teams as you want. You will be emailed your teams progress every week if you supply me with a valid email address.

You have until 9th September to enter as the first Premier League matches of September are on the 10th September.   

Is this clear to you, if not please email me for further info…